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Concentrating our expertise on environmental revitalization

In this day and age when businesses are held responsible for the conservation of the environment, we understand that companies have a social obligation to create a system in which resources can be cycled back and reused. As of present, we are in the process of recycling from various waste materials.

We are the forerunners in the race for resource recovery. The Kochi Concrete Recycling Center, built in 1989, successfully reprocessed waste concrete and asphalt into reusable construction materials due to improvements in the mineral crushing equipment at our factory. Later in 1998, we developed a dehydration facility for construction sludge. In 2001, we obtained a patent for our kneading technology, which allowed us to knead construction waste. We also coordinate with Jinzenji Unso Co., Ltd and our other group subsidiaries to develop techniques in alternative waste disposal including the disassembly of dioxin-contaminated incinerators and the regeneration of contaminated soil.

Our projects in the Resource Recovery Department

Concrete Waste Recycling Business

The Kochi Eco-Center was built for the main purpose of turning waste concrete into usable materials.

  • Concrete Waste Recycling Business

Construction Waste Intermediate Treatment and Recycling Business

[Patent#3447283 "Roadbed material and its manufacturing method"]

We build recycling systems for construction sludge using our sun-drying desiccation and solidification-improvement kneading facility.

  • Concrete Waste Recycling Business

Contaminated Soil Recycling Business

[Patent#: 4341001 "Method to recycle organic contaminated soil to cement"]

We are expanding and developing our skills for restoring contaminated soil to be used as raw material for cement.

  • Concrete Waste Recycling Business

Dioxin-contaminated Incinerator Disassembly Business

[Patent#: 3618737 "Disassembly processing of incinerators"]

We disassemble incinerators contaminated with dioxin and hold the top record for dismantling small-type incinerators in Shikoku.

  • Concrete Waste Recycling Business

Dismantling Business

We dismantle construction buildings and other structures as well as process the waste from such projects into usable materials.

  • Concrete Waste Recycling Business

Asbestos Removal Business

We provide asbestos dust scatter prevention treatment throughout the country.

  • Concrete Waste Recycling Business
Resource Recovery Department Contact Information

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