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Timeless Tradition, Unlimited Possibilities

Founded in 1894, we produce and distribute quicklime and slaked lime to users nationwide using a traditional technique of incorporating industrial salt in the firing process. Our main product, lime, is used in agricultural pesticides, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and construction materials.

With its high quality, our lime has been used in the construction of many national architectural treasures. Himeji Castle's 2013 large-scale reconstruction, in particular, used a substantial amount of Tanaka Sekkai lime in its brilliant white walls.

In recent years, lime has become a necessary ingredient and raw material in food additives, resinous stabilizers, wastewater and waste gas processing, desiccants, resinous anti-foaming agents, and soil improvement stabilizers. We are furthering our research and development to expand the use of lime.

"Sekkai" : Japan's traditional building material


In recent years, a closer focus on environmental and health concerns has lead to demands for more eco-friendly and health-friendly construction. In the midst of this, "Shikkui-Plaster" (construction using lime; a natural ingredient) is once again receiving attention for the following benefits:

  • Once built, the material will last until disassembled (is strong and long-lasting)
  • Made from natural ingredients, cost-effective during disassembly and disposal
  • No excess pollutants are produced in the disassembly process

Tanacream: the easy way to make plaster walls!

Tanacream is not only great for interior walls but also comes with the following benefits:

  1. Adjusts indoor humidity and prevents mildew and dust mites which can arise from condensation
  2. Absorbs bad odors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as formaldehyde
  3. Prevents production of static electricity and is cleaner in comparison to vinyl wallpaper
  4. Contains no toxic substances and can be thrown away safely
  5. Has long-lasting antibacterial properties due to its alkaline composition

Quicklime cream, "Tanacream" has been developed for Shikkui-Plaster and is easy to handle, even for non-experts! Great for DIY projects, it's also cost-effective. In 1998, Tanacream was awarded the Special Prize at Kochi Industrial Promotion Center's Product Evaluation Competition.

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