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Improving Japan's Mining Technologies

Found in vast quantities in Kochi Prefecture, serpentinite is commonly used as a necessary sub-material in the blast furnace steel-making process. Since the latter half of 1955, our company had mined over 36 million tons of high-quality serpentinite for more than 50 years, distributing to major blast furnace steel manufacturers.

In this time, we developed our skills in mining, selection, transportation, and quality control to accelerate our international development and distribution of various minerals from mines within Japan and abroad.

Mineral Products

  • Ryukyu limestoneRyukyu limestone
  • PeridotitePeridotite
  • DolomiteDolomite
  • High MgO dolomiteHigh MgO dolomite
  • MagnesiteMagnesite
  • BruciteBrucite

Since August 2012, we have begun a full-scale advancement into the overseas market with our investment in dolomite production for steel manufacturing at Anhui Hong Ri Mining Co., Ltd in Chizhou City of Anhui Province, China. Sending our technical experts to the field, our main focus has been in teaching quality control and production management at the factory with an ultimate goal of increasing annual production to 40-50 million tons over the next 20 years. We plan on distributing raw materials to Japanese and Chinese blast furnace steel-making manufacturers.

With over half a century of mining experience, we aim to be the top in steel-making sub-materials.

  • ドロマイト生産
  • ドロマイト生産
  • ドロマイト生産

Main clientele

  • Nippon Steel and Sumitomo Metal Corporation
  • Kobe Steel, Ltd.
  • Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd
  • JFE Holding, Inc.
  • International blast furnace steel manufacturers
  • Domestic cement manufacturers
  • Domestic fertilizers manufacturers
  • Domestic construction companies
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Tanaka Sekkai Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Head Office(Inabu Limestone Factory )
3185, Inabu, Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture 783-0084
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Main Branch Sales Office
3983, Godaisan, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture 781-8125
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